License for activities related to the circulation of precursors

UKEM Solutions announces the successful receipt of a license to operate with chemical precursors. The license opens up new prospects for the development and expansion of the company’s business.

The license allows UKEM Solutions to manufacture, store and distribute precursor chemicals, playing a key role in supplying a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. This important step gives the company the opportunity to actively participate in innovative projects and research related to the development of new materials and technologies.

The acquisition of the license also underscores UKEM Solutions' commitment to high safety standards and compliance with legislation in the chemical industry. The company plans to introduce advanced technologies and control methods to ensure the safety of production and the environment.

The company's management expressed confidence that the new license will become a catalyst for innovative research and development, and will also create additional opportunities for partnerships with scientific and industrial organizations.

This event marks a new stage in the development of UKEM Solutions and underlines its determination to continue to lead the chemical industry by offering innovative solutions and high quality products.

Date of issue: October 25, 2021
Validity period: October 25, 2026
License number: 21030444, Inalienable, class 1