Certificate ST-KZ for gelling agent for acid systems

UKEM Solutions announces that it has received CT-KZ certificate for its gelling agent intended for acid systems. This certificate confirms that the product fully complies with the standards and requirements of Kazakhstan, and also emphasizes the 100% Kazakh origin of this product.

UKEM Solutions gelling agents are a key element in various industries such as the chemical industry, oil and gas and many others. The CT-KZ certificate reflects not only the high quality and efficiency of the products, but also guarantees that these innovative solutions are created in Kazakhstan.

This is an important achievement for UKEM Solutions, as obtaining the certificate confirms compliance with the most stringent norms and standards established in Kazakhstan for products of this type. The company strives not only to produce quality products, but also to maintain the national origin of its innovations.

The management of UKEM Solutions expresses gratitude for the support and trust from customers and partners. Receiving the CT-KZ certificate highlights not only the company's technical expertise, but also its strategic partnership with the Kazakh economy.