Aqueous solution Chromium acetate

“Chromium acetate” is used as a crosslinker for water-polymer systems based on polyacrylamides and natural polysaccharides used in hydraulic fracturing operations a reservoir, increasing reservoir oil recovery, repair and insulation work, work to level the injectivity profile of injection wells.

“Chromium acetate” is a 50% aqueous solution of chromium acetate.

“Chromium acetate” is compatible with most commonly used gelling compounds (based on polyacrylamides, polysaccharides). Promotes the formation of strong elastic gels. By varying the concentration, you can control the speed and dynamics of crosslinking.

“Chromium acetate” is a moderately toxic substance with a pronounced odor, according to GOST 12.1.007 it belongs to hazard class 4 (low-hazard substances).