Dilin 8550 is resistant to chemical corrosion and corrosion

Dilin 8550 is a two-component chemical corrosion resistant coating made of active agent, auxiliary agent, coagulant and curing agent.

1, the solid content is high, which can be used as a supporting primer or the bottom surface can be integrated;
2. The coating film has good flexibility, flexibility and impact resistance;
3. Excellent corrosion resistance to chemicals such as acid, alkali and salt;
4. Excellent adhesion, which can be applied to long-term corrosion protection of steel and concrete;
Dilin 8550 is suitable for long-term corrosion protection of steel structures and concrete structures in harsh corrosive environments such as marine environment and chemical atmosphere, such as offshore platforms, steel pile wharves, underground or underwater pipelines and chemical equipment. It is suitable for heavy corrosion protection of steel structures and concrete in C4, C5-1, C5-M, Im2 and Im3 environments.
1. Drying time /h: surface dryness ≤0.5, hard work ≤12.
2. Nonvolatile matter/%:≥ 86
3. Wear resistance/(1000g/500r) g: ≤ 0.040.
4. Density, g/g/cm3:1.70±0.02
5. Adhesion (pulling method)/MPa: ≥ 10
6, salt spray resistance (4000h): no foaming, no shedding.