Dilin 449 Су астындағы жұмыс/коррозияға қарсы жабындар

Dilin 449 - бұл теңіз платформалары мен шашырау аймақтарын жабуға және күтуге арналған қорғаныс жабыны. Теңіз суына тамаша төзімділік, коррозияға төзімділік және тозуға төзімділік.
1. It can be coated and cured on the substrate submerged in water.
2, a single coat can achieve the expectation of long-term protection.
3. It can be compatible with cathodic protection and anticorrosion system.
4. The coating is resistant to seawater, abrasion and corrosion.
Dilin 449 is a protective coating for coating and maintenance of offshore platforms and splash areas; It is suitable for external wall protection of various buried pipelines. Suitable for wet sand blasting or ultra-high pressure water (UHPWW) cleaning surface coating (whether wet or dry).

1. Density: 1.5 kg/L (12.1 lb/US gallon)
2. Volume solid content: 98 2%
3. VOC (ex-factory value): the maximum value is 122g/kg, 200g/L (1.7lb/gallon).
4. Recommended dry film thickness: 150-1000 microns (6.0-40.0 mils) depending on the requirements of the coating system.
5. Theoretical coating rate: 4.3m/L for 200 microns (170ft/US gallon for 8.0mil).
6. Dry film thickness: 200 microns (8.0 mils), 4.3 meters/liter (170 feet/US gallon); 500 microns (20.0 mils), 1.7 meters/liter (68 feet/US gallon)
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