Trisodium phosphate
GOST 201-76

Trisodium phosphate is used in:
mechanical engineering;
pulp and paper industry;
Food Industry;
in the production of synthetic detergents and cleaning products as surfactants;
production of cements and drilling wells;
drilling fluids as part of a complex polymer additive to low-grade clays and powders;
and also as a means for dissolving all types of mineral contaminants, including neglected scale deposits on the internal surfaces of heat exchange equipment,
household water heating appliances (kettles, washing machines, etc.).

Trisodium phosphate is also used for washing and degreasing equipment made from materials that are corrosion-resistant to alkaline solutions, for manual and mechanized cleaning of smoking chambers in the meat and fishing industries, for washing and degreasing dishes in public catering establishments, for processing returnable glass containers, containers, conveyors and lines bottling, walls and floors of industrial and domestic premises in all industries.
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