Caustic soda
(caustic soda, sodium hydroxide) flaked, granular

  • Caustic soda is used for domestic needs and in various industries:
  • Food industry (in particular, in distilleries and oil factories): for processing and degreasing equipment and containers; for cleaning carbon and stainless steel from organic residues, oil and grease.
  • Oil industry: for purification of oil and oil products, production of oil products.
  • Construction: when strengthening the foundations of buildings, an important component of aerated concrete.
  • Water treatment: helps neutralize acids and their oxides in water.
  • Soap making: is an ingredient in detergents, used for saponification of fats in the process of making shampoo, soap and other soap compositions.
  • Pulp and paper sector: for the production of polyester fibers, paper, fiberboard and cardboard.
  • Textile production: for bleaching flax and fabrics.
  • Agriculture: for disinfection and washing of livestock buildings; used in fertilizers and products to combat fungal diseases and parasites.
  • Everyday life: for dissolving and removing dirt and organic deposits, cleaning dishes, flushing clogged heating and sewage systems.
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