Sulfuric acid
GOST 2184-2013

The largest consumer of sulfuric acid is the production of mineral fertilizers: superphosphate, ammonium sulfate, etc. many acids (for example, phosphoric, acetic, hydrochloric) and salts are produced largely using sulfuric acid.

Sulfuric acid is widely used in the production of non-ferrous and rare metals.

In the metalworking industry, sulfuric acid or its salts are used for pickling steel products before painting, tinning, nickel plating, chrome plating, etc. Significant amounts of sulfuric acid are spent on refining petroleum products.

The production of a number of dyes (for fabrics), varnishes and paints (for buildings and machines), medicinal substances and some plastics also involves the use of sulfuric acid.

Using sulfuric acid, ethyl and other alcohols, some esters, synthetic detergents, and a number of pesticides for controlling agricultural pests and weeds are produced.

Dilute solutions of sulfuric acid and its salts are used in the production of rayon, in the textile industry for treating fibers or fabrics before dyeing, as well as in other light industries.

In the food industry, sulfuric acid is used to produce starch, molasses and a number of other products.
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