Reagents for combating ARPD

The formation of asphalt, resin and paraffin deposits (ARPD) in crude oil can lead to damage to oilfield equipment and pipeline communications, as well as a decrease in system performance and pumping unit efficiency. In turn, the formation of emulsions at the exit from the well, together with accompanying formation water, enhances sedimentation. The main parameters that determine the loss of paraffin deposits are pressure, temperature, filtration rate, gas factor, paraffin content in oil, bottomhole zone design and a number of other factors.

To combat the formation of asphalt tar and paraffin deposits, advanced chemical reagents have been developed that prevent the formation of paraffin deposits.

The products and services offered by UKEM Solutions LLP are suitable for any situation with the formation of asphalt, resin and paraffin deposits, even in very harsh climatic conditions.
The product line for combating asphalt tar and paraffin deposits includes
- ARPO inhibitors;
- ASPO dispersants;
- Depressant additives;
- ASPO solvents;

ARDF inhibitors: Designed to protect oil pipelines, well and oil field equipment from ARDF deposits in the processes of oil production and transportation. They have the ability to reduce the viscosity and pour point of highly paraffinic oils, improving the low-temperature properties of oil during production, transportation and storage.

ASPO dispersants: Designed to remove existing paraffin and asphalt-resin deposits in wells, oil pipelines, tanks, and oilfield equipment.

Depressant additives: Designed to lower the pour point of oil due to the high content of paraffin hydrocarbons. They have the ability to exhibit the properties of an ARPD inhibitor and increase the fluidity of oil and water-oil emulsions during production, transportation and storage.

ARPO Solvents: Designed for cleaning oil pipelines, well and oil field equipment from ARPO deposits formed during oil production and transportation processes. They have a high penetrating, dissolving and washing ability in relation to ARPO components, form a film on the metal surface, preventing further adhesion of paraffins and asphaltenes.

ASPO solvents of the XC brand are intended for the removal of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD) in the bottomhole zone of the formation, well equipment, flow lines and traveling pipelines. The reagents are a composite mixture of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons with dispersing and modifying additives.

XC solvents are fully compatible with oil and do not have a negative effect on its subsequent preparation and processing. XC solvents are an effective broad-spectrum chemical reagent capable of removing paraffin particles with various ratios of asphaltenes, resins and paraffins. The reagent has a high dissolving and dispersing ability and a significant saturation concentration.

XC solvents have been successfully tested in laboratory and pilot scale tests.
This product is supplied in 200 liter drums.
The services that the company provides using various methods of combating ARPD will provide you with the highest achievable efficiency in the operation of your fields. They will also provide service support for implementation, monitoring and optimization.
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