Hydrogen sulfide neutralizers

The neutralizer for hydrogen sulfide and light mercaptans is intended for use in the oil industry to remove (neutralize) hydrogen sulfide and low molecular weight mercaptans.

The neutralizer is a reaction product of aldehydes with lower alcohols with additives such as nonionic surfactants. They do not contain formaldehyde.
  • The reagents are less toxic than traditionally used hydrogen sulfide absorbents.
  • Compatible with modifiers used in killing fluids.
  • High absorption capacity for hydrogen sulfide.
  • High reaction rate of hydrogen sulfide absorption. Absorption is irreversible, the reaction products are stable and safe, have pronounced inhibitory properties, and do not form precipitation.
  • Bactericidal activity against sulfate-reducing bacteria, effective inhibition of hydrogen sulfide corrosion.
  • Low freezing point.
  • Possibility of use in acidic environments.
The reagent is designed to be supplied in steel barrels with a capacity of 200 liters.
To select the optimal reagent consumption rates, it is recommended to contact the UKEM Solution sales and service specialists.
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