Citric acid 99.5%

Citric acid is used not only as a food additive to give a sour taste to products and protect them from destructive processes, but also as an additive to cosmetics as an acidity regulator and medications that improve energy metabolism.

In cooking, citric acid is actively used in the preparation of fizzy drinks, juices and confectionery. Citric acid is also used to remove scale and rust, as it reacts with salts as a result of which deposits dissolve and are easily wiped off. Citric acid can give metal surfaces exposed to scale and rust a pristine appearance. If citric acid is not on hand, it can be replaced with table vinegar to remove rust or scale.

Oil and gas complex. When drilling wells, citric acid monohydrate is used to neutralize cement, as well as to normalize the liH of water intended for diluting bentonite.
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