Corrosion inhibitors

UKEM Solutions LLP supplies several brands of corrosion inhibitors, as well as their concentrates. These corrosion inhibitors are a solution of a surfactant in a solvent and vary in water solubility.

They are designed to protect oilfield equipment from corrosion caused by exposure to aggressive formation and waste waters. The reagents are especially effective for environments with high hydrogen sulfide content, providing a 95-98% reduction in corrosion rate at a dosage of 20-50 g/m3.
Corrosion inhibitor Neftekhim-1m is an oil-soluble, water-dispersible reagent. It has been actively used and is used in pressure maintenance systems in Tatneft (Almetyevsk), Udmurtia (at the Vyatkinskoye field), in the Perm region (Kungur), Bashneft, and the Orenburg region in Kazakhstan.

Corrosion inhibitor Neftekhim NS is a modified sample of the Neftekhim-1m inhibitor with increased water dispersibility, which allows it to be effectively used both in the pressure maintenance system and in oil collection systems, even containing, along with hydrogen sulfide, or in small quantities, also dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide. It performed well in Nefteyugansk in an aquatic environment containing hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and carbon dioxide, providing a high protective effect at a dosage of 25 g/m. On a model medium in a 3% NaCl solution saturated with CO to a concentration in the range of 750-800 mg/l provides an 80% protective effect at a dosage of 50 g/m.

Passed pilot field tests at the oil and gas production department "Makatmunaigas" of the PF "Embamunaigas" at the "Northern Zholdybai" field. The deposit is characterized by a high background corrosion rate of up to 1.2 mm/year. The corrosion inhibitor Neftekhim NS provided 95% protection of pipelines at a dosage of 50 g/m.

Corrosion inhibitor Neftekhim 40, an analogue of such inhibitors as Norust 760, Inicor 305, is a completely water-soluble inhibitor specifically designed for use in the oil industry to provide protection against corrosion caused by the presence of CO2 and/or H2S. Particularly recommended for the protection of oil wells, oil recovery systems and surface equipment, even in gas lift production.
The company's engineers provide and recommend various types of treatments to combat corrosion. They will also provide service support for the implementation, monitoring and optimization of the use of corrosion inhibitors.
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