Dilin RC900 rust conversion rust inhibitor coating

Dilin RC900 is a one-component product, which can be used directly when the cover is opened, which can effectively solve the problem of incomplete corrosion treatment, inhibit the regeneration of rust layer and increase the adhesion of coating.

1. It can be coated on the surface of the rust layer to generate a complex reaction with rust, so as to produce a dense film layer, which has the effects of rust transformation, rust inhibition and rust prevention.
2, safety and environmental protection, storage, construction safety and stability, non-flammable, non-explosive, quick-drying.
3, the surface treatment cost can be greatly reduced.
Transformation protection of various oxide layers and thin rust in Dilin RC900. Suitable for the transformation of corrosion of H-beam structure, outer wall of iron pipe, tank, thin-walled parts, valves, etc., and can be used as primer.
Dilin RC900 is especially suitable for derusting and painting of steel structures in chemical enterprises and environments that need fire prevention and explosion protection.
1. Appearance: opaque milky liquid
2. Solid content: 50 2
3. Theoretical coating rate: 15㎡/kg based on the dry film thickness of 10μm, and the actual coating rate should consider the appropriate loss.
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