Dilin 964 Anticorrosion in Storage Tank/Tower

Dilin 964 is a high solid, thick paste and super heavy anticorrosive coating. It is composed of paraffin and resin as base materials and amine compounds as curing agent. It has excellent sealing, oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and excellent physical and mechanical properties. Does not contain aromatic solvents, and is safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.

1, with good sealing, effectively prevent the penetration of water, oil and other media.
2. Excellent salt spray resistance, acid and alkali solution corrosion resistance.
3. Excellent physical and mechanical properties.
Dilin 964 is suitable for anti-corrosion of oil storage tanks, ships, sluices, water pipes, sewage treatment pool tunnels, coal mine tunnels, offshore projects and so on. It is suitable for overweight corrosion protection of steel structures and concrete in C4, C5-1, C5-M, Im2 and Im3 environments.

1. Density: about 1.5Kg/L (after mixing)
2. Volume solid: 100%
3. Specific gravity: 1.3kg/L.
4. Standard film thickness: 100um dry film thickness (about 100um wet film thickness).
5. Theoretical coating rate: 6.66 ㎡/kg (based on 100um dry film)
6. Complete curing: (23 2℃) 24h.
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