Dilin 8500 Solvent-free Weather Resistant Top Coating

Dilin 8500 is a high weatherproof protective topcoat material synthesized by hydroxyl acrylic resin, aliphatic polyurethane and aliphatic polyurea, pigment, anti-aging additive, wetting agent and leveling agent. Because no solvent is added in the material, there is no VOC emission during the construction process, which conforms to the national environmental protection policy.

1, excellent ultraviolet resistance, aging resistance, is a high weather-resistant protective surface coating material.
2. It has good weak acid and alkali resistance, and is suitable for weather-resistant surface coating of various offshore platforms, petrochemical tanks and road and bridge terminals.
3. The coating has high elongation, high tensile strength, strong adhesion with various substrates and good protective effect.
4. No solvent is added in the material, and no VOC is discharged during the construction process, which is safe and environmentally friendly.
1. Coating density: 1.08-1.12g/cm3.
2. Solid content: > 55%
3. Drying time of coating (ambient temperature 24℃): surface drying for 2 hours, hard working for 48 hours and chemical corrosion resistance for 96 hours.
4. Impact resistance, cm: 50
5. Adhesion (pulling method) MPa: > 6,100% b
6. Tensile rate at break: 200%
7. Tensile strength MPa: ≥ 15
8. Wear resistance (500 r/750g)/g: ≤ 0.04.
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