Dilin 8050 is resistant to oil and chemical corrosion

Dilin 8050 is a high-performance and long-lasting anticorrosive coating. The solid content is up to 98%, with polyester modification and amino polymer as the main components. It has strong adhesion, toughness and wear resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent permeability resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and long corrosion protection period. Has good thermal shock resistance.

1, the coating is thick, the shrinkage is small, and the bonding strength is high; Strong adhesion, toughness, wear resistance and high mechanical strength.
2. Excellent corrosion resistance to chemicals such as acid, alkali and salt.
3. Excellent impermeability and resistance to water and chemicals.
4. Excellent resistance to organic solvents.
Dilin 8050 petroleum equipment, offshore platforms, chemical tanks, pipelines, sewage tanks, steel structures, submerged equipment and facilities and other manufacturing and repair fields. It is suitable for overweight corrosion protection of steel structures and concrete in C4, C5-1, C5-M, Im2 and Im3 environments.

1. Density: about 1.25Kg/L (after mixing)
2. Volume solid: (45 2)%
3. Standard film thickness: 100um dry film thickness (about 222um wet film).
4. Theoretical coating rate: 3.6m2/kg (based on 100um dry film)
5. Complete curing: (23 2℃) 24h.
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