Dilin 6716 concrete penetration/sealing agent

Dilin 6716 is made of paraffin, resin, curing agent, additives and solvents. The coating has low viscosity, good permeability and strong adhesion between the coating film and the surface of the coated object, and is suitable for construction on the wet substrate surface with a certain temperature or in humid air.
1. Excellent acid and alkali resistance and permeability;
2, the adhesive force is strong, and the sealing property is good, so that the adhesive can be applied to the surfaces of various substrates;
Dilin 6716 is used as waterproof sealing layer on the surface of cement mortar, concrete, cement asbestos board and other substrates.
2. Density: about 0.95Kg/L (after mixing)
3. Volume solid: (25 2)%
4. Standard film thickness: 20mm dry film thickness (about 80mm wet film thickness)
5. Theoretical coating rate: 13.1 ㎡/kg (20μ m dry film)
6. Complete curing: (23 2)% 7d
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