Dilin 620 is resistant to strong acid and alkali corrosion.

Dilin 620 is made of hydroxyl resin, corrosion-resistant pigments and fillers, special wax, additives, bath agent and isocyanate.
1. Excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance and chemical atmospheric corrosion resistance;
2. It has water resistance, seawater resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance and solvent resistance;
3, the coating is tough, bright and plump, and has good decorative and protective properties;
4. The coating can be dried and cured at room temperature or low temperature;
Dilin 620 is suitable for anticorrosion of steel structures, floors, walls and workshops in pickling plants, hot dip galvanizing plants and electroplating plants, and anticorrosion coating of equipment, pipelines and storage tanks in petrochemical industry.
Dilin 620 is suitable for overweight corrosion protection of steel structures and concrete in C4, C5-1, C5-M, Im2 and Im3 environments.
1. Density: about 1.2Kg/L (after mixing)
2. Volume solid: (50 2)%
3. Standard film thickness: 120μ m dry film thickness (about 200μ m wet film thickness).
4. Theoretical coating rate: 3.47m2/kg (60um dry film)
5. Complete curing: (23 2℃) 24h.
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