Dilin 482 metal substrate surface accelerator

Dillin 482 silane has a special small molecular structure.
Dilin 482 has a good affinity with metal substrate, and the active components react with air and water exposed to acidic and alkaline environments to form hydroxyl groups. These hydroxyl groups will cross-link and accumulate with the substrate and itself, and finally form a solid network protection layer on the surface of the metal, which effectively prevents the invasion of external moisture and harmful substances and greatly improves the adhesion ability of the metal coating.

Dilin 81 manufacturing and repairing fields of petroleum equipment, offshore platforms, chemical tanks, pipelines, sewage tanks, steel structures, submerged equipment and facilities, etc. It is suitable for overweight corrosion protection of steel
1. Solid content: 98%
2. Specific gravity: 1.35 kg/L.
3. Mixing ratio: A:B = 4:1
4. Theoretical coating rate: 1㎡/kg, 250μm m. The actual coating rate should consider appropriate loss.
5. Typical film thickness: wet film: 200-500μm, dry film: 150-450μm m.
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