Dilin 460 is resistant to high temperature and corrosion

Dilin 460 is composed of water-based silicone resin, high-temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant pigment, titanium dioxide, talcum powder, additives, film-forming agent and so on.

1, two-component, dry at room temperature, high temperature resistant anticorrosive coating.
2. The operating temperature is ≤400℃. Slight discoloration is allowed under the action of high temperature for a long time.
3. It has high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.
Dilin 460 can be used as a high-temperature mark coating for steel chimneys, and can also be used for anticorrosion of high-temperature parts such as flue, drying channel, exhaust pipe, boiler, equipment and steel structure.

1. Density: about 1.2Kg/L (after mixing)
2. Volume solid: (35 2)%
3. Standard film thickness: 60mm dry film thickness (about 171mm wet film thickness)
4. Theoretical coating rate: 4.86 ㎡/kg (60μ m dry film)
5. Adhesion: Grade 1
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