Dilin 447 Anticorrosive Coating for Steel Structure

Dilin 447 is a special anticorrosive coating for two-component steel structure, with a solid content of 95%. It is mainly composed of wax and resin, and chemical active ingredients, active cage structure particles and pigments are added. It not only has good flexibility, impact resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, but also has strong adhesion on smooth galvanized surface and residual paint surface.

1, the solid content is high, the bottom surface is integrated, the film thickness is coated once, and the film is formed by reaction;
2. The coating film has good flexibility and impact resistance;
3. Effectively prevent the penetration of water, chloride ions and other media;
4. Excellent corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals;
5. Excellent adhesion makes it applicable to various substrate surfaces;
Dilin 447 manufacturing and repairing fields of petroleum equipment, offshore platforms, chemical tanks, pipelines, sewage tanks, steel structures, submerged equipment and facilities, etc. It can be used for heavy corrosion protection of steel structures in C3 and C4 environments.
1. Solid content: 85%
2. Specific gravity: 1.35 kg/L.
3. Mixing ratio: A:B = 4:1
4. The theoretical coating rate: 6㎡/kg, 85μm, and the actual coating rate should consider the appropriate loss.
5. Typical film thickness: 50-100μm wet film and 85-170μm dry film.
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