Dilin 442 is waterproof/wear-resistant/anticorrosive

Dilin 442 is a synthetic resin-plastic-based product, which can provide long-term corrosion and stone crack protection. After drying, the material can resist hydrogenated carbon-based cold cleaners, surfactant-based acid and alkali high-pressure cleaners, brine and road salt. It can be coated after drying and during wet-to-wet process.

Dilling 442 is especially suitable for coating entry steps, doorsills, spoilers, rear trailers and wheel covers. According to its anti-UAV function, Dilling 442 is used in internal spaces, boots, engine hoods and so on. There is no need for asphalt-based products.

1. Foundation: synthetic resin/plastic
2. Density: 1.19g/ml
3. Solid content: 55%
4. Output: 700ml/m2/0.5mm.
5. Drying: about 0.5 mm 2–3 hours, depending on the room temperature.
6. Salt spray test: 500 µm dry film for 500 h.
7, storage: cool and dry
8. Suggested wet film thickness: 700.
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