Dilin 3650 silicone/High Temperature Resistant Coatings

Dilin 3650 is composed of silicone resin, special high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant pigments, fillers, additives, aluminum paste, organic solvents, etc.

1, two-component, dry at room temperature, high temperature resistant anticorrosive coating.
2. The operating temperature is ≤800℃. Slight discoloration is allowed under the action of high temperature for a long time.
3. It has high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.
Dilin 3650 is suitable for painting high-temperature parts in petroleum, chemical industry, aviation, metallurgy, power plant and other industries, and can be used after being mixed evenly.

1. Density: about 1.27Kg/L (after mixing)
2. Volume solid: (45 2)%
3. Standard film thickness: 80um dry film thickness (about 100um wet film thickness).
4. Theoretical coating rate: 4.4m/Kg(80um dry film)
5. Complete curing: (23 2℃) 24h.
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