Dilin 3125 Antistatic and Anticorrosion of Oil Tank

Dilin 3125 is made of paraffin wax, corrosion-resistant resin and amino ester, and added with composite conductive filler, antistatic agent and corresponding additives.

Dilin 3125 has excellent adhesion, flexibility and impact resistance, good oil resistance and corrosion resistance, does not dissolve or swell after use, and has good antistatic performance. It is suitable for crude oil, 95/130 aviation gasoline, aviation kerosene, 40 # engine oil, 120 # gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and other petroleum products, and has no influence on the quality of oil (gum ≤ 7 mg/kg)

Dilin 3125 can be used for antistatic and anti-corrosion protection of the inner walls of cabins and storage tanks loaded with crude oil, gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, aviation gasoline, engine oil and benzene, and can also be used for other electrostatic conductive coating occasions.

1. Density: about 1.32Kg/L (after mixing)
2. Volume solid: (45 2)%
3. Standard film thickness: 100um dry film thickness (about 222um wet film thickness).
4. Theoretical coating rate: 3.4m2/kg (based on 100um dry film)
5. Complete curing: (23 2℃) 24h.
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