Dilin 3122A thermal insulation/waterproof coating

Dilin 3122A color steel repair/heat insulation/waterproof coating is made of resin, wax and metal oxide, and the heat insulation is achieved by reflecting sunlight. The unique waterproof and rust-resistant function can keep the metal surface from rusting and leaking for several years.
Thermal insulation: it can effectively resist the radiant heat from the sun, with an effective rate of more than 80%.
Weather resistance: Strong weather resistance, excellent ultraviolet resistance, and the coating life can be more than several years in strong and harsh environment.
Anti-corrosion type: acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, acid rain-resistant, and can withstand the test of various harsh environments.
Waterproof: high resilience waterproof coating, no cracking, no rolling, no peeling, anti-aging, effectively blocking the impact of rain water dripping and not leaking.
Adhesion: the coating will be firmly attached to the base surface for several years, without pulverization, crack and falling off.
Dilin 3122A metal roof is waterproof at the lap joint, the metal roof gutter is waterproof, the old metal roof is renovated, the junction of metal objects and parapets is waterproof, the metal roof fasteners are waterproof, the metal roof protrusions are waterproof, and other exotic structures are waterproof and moisture-proof. Corrosion protection of steel structures in C2 environment.

1. State: liquid
2, performance: waterproof, rust resistance
3. Curing time: ≤24H.
4. Temperature resistance: the high temperature is 100℃ and the bottom temperature is -40℃
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