Depressant-dispersant additive DDADF9

Combines small input rates and ease of use with the additive at low temperatures. The additive uses a light aromatic solvent, which ensures the additive's fluidity loss within 5°C.

DDADF9 additives are designed to improve the low-temperature properties of middle distillates. Allows you to significantly reduce the filterability limit temperature and pour point of diesel and light heating oils and low-viscosity marine fuels. The good dispersibility of paraffin crystals in diesel fuel and light heating oil makes it possible for them to be stored for a long time at temperatures below the cloud point without noticeable sedimentation of the paraffins.

Depending on the component composition and the presence of additional functional components in its composition, several brands are produced:

UAD9001 is the base composition for a wide range of diesel and light heating oils.

UAD9002 - for diesel and light heating oils, low-viscosity marine fuels with a high paraffin content and a pour point above 0°C.
The additive input rate is 400-600 mg/kg (400-600 ppm). Higher dosages of up to 2000 mg/kg or more are permitted to meet the specified filterability (DIN EN 116) or pour point (ISO 3016) values.
Metal barrels 216.5 l; IBC containers 1000 l.
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