UKEM Solutions demulsifier reagent is a composite mixture of nonionic, cationic and anionic surfactants, synergistic additives in organic solvents.

Designed to destroy water-oil emulsions during production, collection, transportation, field preparation and desalting of oil. Effective in oil collection systems (track demulsification), preliminary discharge systems (UPSV), commercial oil treatment units (CTU), primary oil treatment units ELOU-AVT.

UKEM Solutions demulsifier brands differ in the composition of their starting components, which exhibit different activity for oil and oil emulsions of different compositions while maintaining the main indicators of the physical and chemical properties of the reagent.
-High speed of water discharge;
- Improving system efficiency;
- Clear phase boundary;
- Reduced oil loss;
- Zero water and salt content in the prepared oil;
- Preventing the formation of intermediate layers;
- Crystal clear separated water, which can be sent for disposal or for reinjection into the reservoir.
- Compliance with environmental standards.
This product is supplied in 200 liter drums.
The services that the company provides using technologies for separating water from oil and demulsifiers will provide you with the highest achievable efficiency in the operation of your fields. Understanding your requests and knowing exactly WHAT, HOW, WHERE and WHEN to do - these are our standards for providing services.
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