Anti-knock (octane-boosting) additive LPA110

Used to increase anti-knock properties, improve the performance and environmental characteristics of motor gasoline.

Contains a multifunctional package, including a detergent additive and other functional surfactants.

The use of the LPA110 additive makes it possible to obtain high-quality motor gasoline that meets the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 013/2011 for class 5 fuel.

Does not contain organometallic compounds of iron, manganese, lead, monomethylaniline and other aromatic amines. Does not form hard or tar-like sticky deposits.
The recommended additive input rate is 1.0−3.0%, while the octane number of gasoline increases within the range of 6−10 units. For uniform distribution, we recommend using special devices. Proper mixing must be ensured. If a batch of product is introduced directly into a container, mixing/recirculation must be provided to ensure that the product is completely dissolved in the fuel.
Metal barrels 216.5 l, IBC containers 1000 l, self-filling.
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